io Games to Look Out for in 2018

The free mobile and browser game market has always flourished with simple, yet addictive games. And while Flash games may be a thing of the past, high schoolers and procrastinators everywhere are getting their quick game fix through jogofriv.

.io games are browser and mobile games that are generally hosted on websites ending with the domain extension .io. Out of the hundreds of games out there, most of them see short bursts of popularity and then fade into obscurity. However, a few stand high above the rest and can catch millions of daily players.

Games like and Little Big have spawned hundreds of clones and similar styled games over the past two years. To avoid getting caught in the cycle of playing clones and rip-offs, here are 4 io games to look out for this year. is not an original idea by any means. Borrowing heavily from Starwhals, the game is a battle royal arena game where players control narwhals. Each player floats around the arena and must use their tusks to slice their opponents in half for points. The entire game can be played using just the mouse by moving the direction of the narwhals and clicking in order to sprint into enemies.

The game is exhilarating and claiming the top of the leaderboard is as satisfying as any other .io game. As you slice and dice your opponents, you gain stat boosts such as speed, stamina, and a stronger horn. However, if you are sliced yourself, it’s back to square one. Similar to many .io games, offers players a myriad of skins with which to customize their narwhals.

Unlike Starwhals, matches can hold more than 20 players. The browser game also offers an additional mode called Narwhale Ball. In the spirit of Rocket League, Narwhale Ball loosely mixes soccer rules with the same frantic gameplay offered in

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of clones in the market. If you’re going to play one, though, it should be Instead of cells, players take control of fish and literally poop on their enemies to slow them down. The basics of the game, such as splitting up and eating to increase your size, are essentially the same as What actually sets the game apart is the level of depth. is for those gamers who love to grind and level up their characters in Unblocked Games 66. The game has tons of unlockable sea creatures with their own unique stats and abilities. Each of these creatures can level up and many have evolutions as well.

Available on both mobile app stores and on browsers, keeps track of players’ stats and has tournaments in which they can compete. The game’s numbers are already looking big, and if they keep it up, it could surpass this year.

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